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Amazing stranger helps new mom, calms crying baby on airplane | WGN-TV

Credit: Rebekka GarvisonATLANTA — Two strangers formed an incredible bond while on a 6 a.m. flight from Chicago to Atlanta.Rebekka Garvison, a new mother, was on the flight early Thursday morning to visit her husband, an active-duty Army firefighter stationed in Alabama. Also on the flight was the couple’s 4-month-old girl.Rylee remained “calm” and “delightful” right up until Garvison boarded the plane and no one stepped in to helstrangerwWRD2zAp as Garvison boarded the plane with a crying baby while juggling her bags, a stroller and a car seat.”I could tell as soon as they (passengers) saw me coming their way, they were not thrilled,” Garvison told MLive.

“We sat down and she started crying, and I was trying to get her bottle out of the bag.”Unable to calm the baby while sitting in her original seat, Garvison opted to move to two empty seats a few rows ahead of her. Also sitting on that row was Nyfesha Miller.Miller, a frequent traveler, was settled into her neck pillow and ready for a nap. However, when Miller heard Rylee’s cries, she offered to help.”Do you mind if I try?” Miller asked Garvison.Miller then held Rylee near the window and she quickly relaxed and stopped crying. Minutes later, Rylee was asleep in Miller’s arms.The two women chatted during the flight and quickly struck a bond. After the plane landed, Miller helped Garvison with Rylee and all the baby gear. The two women then went their separate ways — Miller went to Florida and Garvison headed to Alabama.

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Toddler Gets Pulled Over By Cop, Loves Every Minute Of It

image_1431529389_jd_godvine_article_police_officer_pulls_over_toddler_FBWhen officer Bill Mayo pulled over Jaxon Arbuckle last week, it wasn’t exactly the end of a hot pursuit.

Jaxon, a 2-year-old who lives in Louisville, Kentucky, had been playing in his toy car, when his mom, Ashley Crawford, decided to call in the cops, hailing an officer from a nearby fender-bender for a photo op.

“I thought, ‘How cute would it be if I got a picture of Jaxon pulled over?’” Crawford recalled to Yahoo. “I waited for [the officer] to finish up with his incident report and asked him if he wouldn’t mind turning the lights on and pulling Jaxon over.”

Sure enough, Jaxon dutifully pulled his red Little Tikes car over to the side of the road. Whereas any adult rues the day they’re pulled over, the toddler — despite having no license, registration or working lights — had a great time, his mom said.

Crawford told WHAS Jaxon very much enjoyed the interaction, and she has the photos to prove it. In one of the pictures, the toddler (pacifier in mouth) even gives the long arm of the law a high-five.

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Shouldn’t Bald be The Last Thing She Needs to Worry About?


This is a beautiful picture, and the more people share their cancer stories, the better.So why are they making such a huge deal of her deciding to take the picture without her wig on? Another example of women being given 2d citizen status when men go bald all the time. In fact, these days its almost de rigueur for men to shave their heads when their natural bald spots become too much for them.So why can’t women be given the same value? Not only does this woman and many who go thru cancer have to deal with that- but they also have to deal with the stigma foisted on them by our culture of being a bald woman.Maybe this will help change that as well.

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Some Boys Dream Of Becoming Police Officers, This One Raised $11,000 To Protect Them

When Jacen Troxell was just 4 years old, he made a profound wish “that police officers would not get killed” as part of a kindergarten class assignment. Unfortunately, his wish hasn’t come true yet.

indexBut Jacen, whose father is a member of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), is doing everything he can to make his hope for police safety a reality, WTHR News reported. Using a GoFundMe page, the now-8-year-old has helped raise more than $11,500 to buy bulletproof plates that combine with vests to protect IMPD officers. The plates, which can cost several hundred dollars a piece, can ensure safety against high-power rifle fire — something a bulletproof vest alone cannot reliably do.

A video of Jacen’s reaction when his fundraising goal of $10,000 was passed has been posted by his mother on the GoFundMe page:

Jacen, along with his 5-year-old brother, Ben, were moved to act after one of their father’s coworkers, IMPD Officer Perry Renn, was killed by gunfire earlier this month.


Officials in Indiana’s capital are concerned about an upward trend in criminal activity the city has been experiencing. As a graph in the Indianapolis Star reflected in April, Indianapolis’ criminal homicide rate had fallen between 2006 and 2010, but has since reversed its progression. The Christian Science Monitor reported in May that the city is on pace to have its worst year regarding gun violence since 1998.

Jacen’s attempt to curb the violence and protect officers is a welcomed gesture in a city looking for positive change. One commenter on the GoFundMe page told Jacen’s mother it “is amazing what your son is doing,” while 168 donations have poured in (as of Friday afternoon) in less than a week.

To donate to Jacen’s cause helping protect police officers in Indianapolis, visit his GoFundMe page.

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Run Towards Not From–How Did They Know Back Then?

indexIf we are forced, at every hour, to watch or listen to horrible events, this constant stream of ghastly impressions will deprive even the most delicate among us of all respect for humanity.

— Cicero (Marcus Tullius), Roman orator, philosopher and statesman (106-43 B.C.)

and they didn’t even have TV or internet back then!

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Make Yourself Stronger- Cut that Self-Criticism

Apr 16, 2014


5833 Many believe that being hard on themselves will make them better people. However, research does not support this belief. Self-criticism has been shown to reduce motivation, increase procastination, and increase rumination. This article from the Greater Good Science Center summarizes some of the scientifically-proven healthier ways to take an honest look at yourself and learn from your mistakes. From criticizing behaviors rather than traits to practicing self-compassion, learn how to be your own friendly critic and best friend.



After failing guide-dog exam, black lab Inspires

– The path we’re destined to follow isn’t always laid out easily.

Even as a puppy, a black lab named Pesto was destined to do great things.

Pesto became a regular at the Aurora Public library when his owner, a librarian, brought him along each day to socialize.
Kimistry Howard also frequented the library because she was homeschooling her two boys, Javary and Javae’.


“This beautiful puppy came into this room. I said I never believed in love at first sight, well, I had love at first sight,” said Kimistry Howard, “It’s a love story from beginning to end and it’s not over.”

The two boys fell in love with the little black lab as if he were their own. But, Pesto was destined to become a guide dog for the blind.
For a short time that didn’t matter, because Pesto brought to those boys pure joy.

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