What is “Run Towards Not From”?

When a crisis occurs we see ordinary people Run Towards Not From what is happening so they can help those in need.  We all hope that we would be the same kind of person that would “Run Towards Not From” in that time of need.

It is possible for each of us to live a Run Towards Not From life every day, in our own way.  The Run Towards Not From website wants to provide everyone with a chance to realize that we all can do things in our everyday life that can have a positive affect on those around us.

You don’t have to lift a car off someone, or perform CPR in the street to be leading a Run Towards Not From way of life.

Small things can make a difference:
• Provide directions to someone you see that appears to be lost
• Let a senior have your seat on the bus or train
• Feed a parking meter that is about to expire
• Out raking or shoveling? Do your neighbor’s as well

We would love to hear stories and ideas that fit the Run Towards Not From attitude.  Do you know of someone who did something that made a difference?  What about you?  Share it here with over on our Facebook page.  Let others see that a small act can have a real impact.  We want everyone to be inspired to live this way.